6 Airbnb Negotiation Scripts

Previously I’ve explained that when requesting a discount from an Airbnb host, you’ll want to communicate the following:

  1. That you’re likable and easy to deal with (do this by being personal.)
  2. Always give a reason for why you are asking for a discount.
  3. Ask for 20 – 50% off of the host’s daily rate.
  4. Offer something in return for the discount (this is your actual negotiation.)

But if you’re still feeling unsure on how to go about crafting an effective message for landing yourself a discounted rate on an Airbnb stay — I’ve got something just for you.

Below are 6 pre-written scripts that you can use for negotiating a better price through Airbnb. All you need to do is personalize the [bold text within brackets].

1. Offer to Give a 5 Star review (best used for hosts with less than 5 reviews)

Hi [Jane],

Your place looks great.

I am visiting [all the way from France, and also happen to be a fellow accountant].

To meet my budget though, would you be willing to rent your room for [15 dollars a night], if I book [for a week]?

If my stay is anywhere near as good as I expect it to be, I’ll be sure to add my own well-written 5 star review for you.


[Your name goes here]

2. Use this when making a last minute booking

Hi [Alex],

I really like the style of your [studio]. It shows that you’ve put some real effort into making it a great rental.

I’ve also noticed that you haven’t a booking yet for tomorrow. Would you be willing give me [10 dollars] off your daily rate? [$40] a night is over my budget.

My schedule is flexible, so I can arrive for check-in at a time that works best for you.

Please let me know.

[Your name goes here]

3. Anchor Your Discounted Offer to Another Host

Hello [Francine],

[I’m in the middle of my 3 week trip in Italy], and I’ve been searching for accommodation in your town. The decor of your [house] really stood out to me.

I’ve also found another host close to your neighborhood, but haven’t made my decision yet.

I really love your place. The thing is, this other person is offering a price of [$30] a night. Could you by any chance, come down to [35] dollars for your place? And I’ll be able to stay for 5 days. Does this sound reasonable to you?

Just me know — I’ll be able to book within 24hrs.

Thank you!

[Your name goes here]

4. Requesting a Long-term Stay

Hello [Mitch],

I am coming to your island in July and staying for 3 months.

I see that your place is still vacant for 2 of those months. And I love it so much from the photos that I’ll be willing to rent it for that long, well in advance.

Considering that I can be there for such an extended stay, would you be willing to come down 20% on your monthly rate?

You won’t have to worry about trying to fill those vacancies, nor cleaning between guest during those 2 months. And if you take a look at my references and reviews on Airbnb, you can get the sense of how responsible I am as a guest.

Does that sound reasonable to you? What do you say?


[Your name goes here]

5. Requesting a Stay During the Tourism Off-Season

Hi [Benjamin],

My girlfriend and I will be coming to your beach town this winter.

I really love the location of your house, and from your reviews it seems that your previous guest really think highly of you as a host.

It will be the off-season though, and I see that your nightly right is the same year round. So I was wondering if by any chance you’re willing to rent your placed for [x] dollars a night?

If so, just give me the word and I’ll be able to place my booking right away.


[Your name goes here]

6. The Hail Mary (Give this a try with a Listing that is far out of your budget)

Hey [Mr. Big],

Your lake front property looks amazing! I am already certain my family would love to stay there.

I’ll be honest though. It’s far out of my budget. I was even about to book a room right now at the Holiday Inn a couple blocks away, but an idea that you might appreciate just struck me…

I notice that you have vacancy this upcoming weekend. Is it likely, that you won’t be able to secure a last-minute reservation?

If so, let me propose this… If nobody else books your place at full-price by Friday at 4:00 pm, would you rent it to us at half-price?

This way, we won’t be taking the spot of another customer who would pay full-price. And we can be out by Sunday at 10 am, so you’ll have an extra hour to prepare for your next guest.

Does that sound reasonable to you?

Please let me know.

[Your name goes here]